Is This Event Awesome?

“Is this event awesome?” That’s the question one of my guild mates asked in chat some 13 minutes after the Guild Wars 2: Lost Shores event started. Due to so server issues right when the event started it ended up being fairly laggy for myself and a good number of my guild mates. The solution proposed on Twitter by @guildwars2 was to leave the map and come back. So, thats what several of us did, only to come back and land on an overflow server where the event was already finished. :(

So, no so far the event isn’t awesome it’s not done yet though so there is still hope… Now, I need to decide if I should continue playing or get back to working.

Finding the Time

These days just are not long enough! Seriously, between work, life and other random craziness it is difficult to squeeze in the time actually play some of the stuff I ‘need to’ play. We try to get in a mix of new and old games, some variety in the content for the 25 Cent Play Podcast, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Since we’re doing the podcast as a hobby and a reason to get together and drink some beers it is hard to say, “Yeah we’ll take a look at your game”. When we don’t quite fit it in it’s not because we don’t like it, we’ve just bitten off more than we can chew, but we do the best we can, I suppose. Heck just preparing the show seems to eat up a lot of time, and I don’t even really do too much editing to it.

On top of that, there is the Second to Last Hit, which I usually forget to post, is probably the most time-consuming since I haven’t figured out a good workflow to go from Xsplit’s odd FLV format to something that I can use easily in Adobe Premier without first running it through FFmpeg. I did try to edit and convert directly from FFmpeg, but due to the way Xsplit sets key frames it results in the first 20 or so seconds of video being unwatchable when uploaded to YouTube. One of these days I’ll take a look back at that and see if there is a better way.

I just remembered I need to also do some edits to the layout of shindakun dot net and 25 Cent Play sites, I better get on it before I open Guild Wars 2 again…

Review Day Jitters

We’re trying something a bit different on the 25 Cent Play Podcast website, adding written content, embedded YouTube videos and of course as well as the normal show. I’m getting set for the first piece of written content now, a look at XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I hesitate to call it a review, but it is, I’m even going to give it a number and everything. I’m a bit nervous about it since, I’m very out of practice writing and on top of the 2K was nice enough to give me the review copy. I wasn’t able to play until launch day, so I spent as much time as I could, without getting in the way of work or my wife, playing. After that it was a matter of trying to get back into the swing of writing again. I’ve set ten to fifteen minutes aside everyday, so I can throw something up on 750 Words, just free writing to try to get back into it. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes I guess – after all, I’ve got another title waiting in the wings already…

For now, I’m going to relax then give another proofread tomorrow before posting it.

League of Legends World Playoffs

LoL World Playoffs


I remember way back when watching (or at least reading about since it wasn’t really easy to watch) Counter-Strike or Quake matches thinking that we wouldn’t really see this thing, watching people play video games, take off. Yet, here I am sitting in my home office on a day off watching the first day of the League of Legends World Playoffs.

I’m watching the stream on Twitch and for now the site is reporting that about 207,444 people are currently watching along. The games are also streaming on at least a couple of other sites so the total stream numbers won’t be known for a while, but they will be huge. Riot appears to be classing up the joint too with some impressive production. We had a close look at it during PAX Prime and they surely mean business going into season 3. There have been a few small missteps this time as the games are being played in an outside arena so the sun and wind are a bit of a factor.

It was bound to happen eventually, I think, with the shift over to streaming the last few years completely bypassing the need to go after a television audience. We’ve talked a bit about it on the podcast and I’m sure after this weekend we’ll be coming back to it again next Tuesday.