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In The Name Of Decency

Yesterday, I received a call from my friend Mike – he was trying to get me to go see In the Name of the King.  Having seen a number of Uwe Boll’s movies I refused.  I’ll wait see it until its out on DVD and I don’t have to pay any real world money.  So for now this is the closest I’ll be getting to this train wreck.  Mike was quick to say the movie wasn’t that bad – it was just a typical B-movie – with a (strangely) large cast of known actors.  Anyway, I’ll reserve judgment until I can see it for free.In the Name of the King

Xbox 360 Does Divx/Xvid – Finally

Well, it’s finally happened – I can finally say the Xbox 360 is a great console.  A few moments after downloading the dashboard up and then the “optional” media update I was successfully watching “X-Files – Fight the Future.avi”!  Would have kept watching too except for the fact that I need to get some work done today.  I didn’t mess with it to long but the player does not seem to support .SRT or .SUB files for subtitles.  Which is a bit disappointing.  I’ll mess with it a bit more just to double check but, I have a feeling Microsoft didn’t implement that feature…

Transformers! *updated*

Earlier today the word came down – I had, coming my way, a couple copies of Transformers DS (Autobots and Decepticons) and a pass to see a preview screening of the movie tomorrow night!

Hopefully, the wait in line is going to be worth it…


I don’t want to spoil the movie since it’s not out for a couple of days – if you like action films you should go give it a viewing. I will say however – when BumbleBee is introduced, pay attention to the air freshener hanging from his rear view. Also, keep an eye out for the line: “Opps, my bad!”

Venom! Spiderman 3!

Does whatever a spider can…


“In the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie, Eddie Brock is portrayed by Topher Grace. Activision plans to release a game for multiple platforms in conjunction with the movie. “

Via TeamXbox